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Holy Rood Church, Ampney Crucis, GL7 5RY


As you enter the churchyard, you will notice the Cross on the left hand side of the path.  This dates from about 1415 and the Cross-Head was discovered about 100 years ago, bricked up in the church wall to preserve it from the Puritan destruction.  


There are four carvings, one on each side of the Cross-Head: the crucifixion, depicting the dedication of the church; the Virgin Mary with Holy Child, depicting the dedication of Tewkesbury Abbey to which the church and manor had belonged at that time.

On the other two sides there is a solider in armour who could represent the founder of Tewkesbury Abbey, one FitzHamon, Earl of Gloucester.  On the last side a figure commonly thought to be St Laurence with his gridiron, but perhaps could be Abbott Giraldus of Tewkesbury holding plans of his Abbey.


The Church

On the porch wall is a fine scratch-dial, and inside are stone seats and a niche in the east wall, similar to the one at Harnhill Church.

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