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RVW Memorial Window

"A new window to celebrate RVW's contribution is a worthy ambition" - Rector

RVW Window 3 John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg
Image of Jesus - Holy Seplchure Jerusalem.jpeg

Stained Glass Artist

The renowned stained-glass artist, Tom Denny was commissioned to design and make a new window for All Saints' Church, Down Ampney

to commemorate the 150th Anniversary

of the birth of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

The new window has been placed in the Sanctuary. Design work began in earnest in January 2022; and the window was installed in December 2022.

RVW Window 1 John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg

Tom Denny writes:

"Most of my windows are in churches, and their themes are scriptural.  Several new projects, however, have also been celebrations or commemorations of remarkable people, incorporating their relationship with a particular place and landscape."

RVW Window 1 John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg
RVW WIndow Tom Denny speaks John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg


“The truth is, God comes to us in glimpses, in small snatches of light and understanding - only occasionally are we granted a ‘blinding flash’.  In his stained glass Thomas Denny gives us both these approaches.”

The Very Reverend Michael Tavinor



“It is as if you are being offered a choice between two temporal realities, the deep journey or present pleasures.  Thomas Denny’s work provides both, a rare and visceral encounter with the numinous here and now.”

Mark Cazalet

(Denny’s work) “is lovingly done, at once entirely contemporary yet in full conformity with the traditional, determining disciplines of the craft”

William Packer


RVW Window 5 John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg

RVW Window 2 John Francis Dec 2022.jpeg
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