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May 2023

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Dear Friend


We have been encouraged by the King to do some voluntary work on the Coronation Bank Holiday Monday (8th May); and then – ideally – to continue doing voluntary work.  Many of our local/village organisations rely heavily on volunteers.


A few days before, on Thursday 4th May, local elections will have been held and, whatever you might think about local politics, I am grateful that we have volunteers who give their time and energy to serve our community on our Parish Councils.  I am also grateful to all those who serve our community and church in different ways – as members of our Parochial Church Councils, grass-cutters, flower arrangers, cleaners, readers, treasurers, school governors, organists and, many more besides, who help us keep our ancient church buildings in good heart and help foster the sense of community locally.  Thank you.


I came across this cautionary ‘hymn’ for those who serve on committees, I hope you will enjoy it!


O Thou who seest all things below,

Grant that Thy servants may go slow,

That they may study to comply

With regulations till they die.


Teach us, O Lord, to reverence

Committees more than common sense;

To train our minds to make no plan

And pass the baby when we can.


So when the tempter seeks to give

Us feelings of initiative,

Or when alone we go too far,

Chastise us with a circular.


Mid war and tumult, fire and storms,

Give strength, O Lord, to deal out forms.

Thus may Thy servants ever be

A flock of perfect sheep for Thee.


All organisations – the church, schools, voluntary groups, councils – are now more bound up with administration and bureaucracy (I know only too well!), not least to help protect people.  Even so, there is much joy and satisfaction to be gained by being a volunteer and making a difference to our community and our neighbourhood.  If you have skills, time, interests you would like to share – please do let me know, and we can explore the possibilities about how you can help our communities here in the Ampneys.


And for those who are volunteering – THANK YOU!


As ever -  John

Services and Events in May 2023

Friday 5th May             Coronation Eve

6.30pm        A Royal Variety with the Coronation Choir Poulton

7.30pm        Jazz and Coronation Cocktails                    Poulton

8pm             Vigil Prayers for the King                             Ampney St Peter


Saturday 6th May         Coronation Day

9am            Prayers for the King’s Majesty                     Driffield


Sunday 7th May            Coronation Sunday   5th Sunday after Easter

8am            Holy Communion                                       Ampney Crucis

10am          Coronation Songs of Praise                        Down Ampney

10am          Coronation Songs of Praise                        Poulton

6pm            Coronation Evensong                                 Ampney St Mary


Friday 12th May

7pm            Pub Night – come along for a drink          Ampney St Peter


Saturday 13th May

Noon          Wedding – India and Andrew                    Driffield

3pm            Wedding – Bryony and Martyn                  Ampney St Mary

Sunday 14th May          Sixth Sunday of Easter

8am            Holy Communion                                        Poulton

10am          Parish Communion                                      Driffield


Wednesday 17th May

11am          Funeral of Colin Cammack RIP                  Down Ampney

Thursday 18th May      ASCENSION DAY

Noon          Holy Communion                                       Harnhill

2.30pm       Memorial Service - Peter Bullock RIP       Ampney Crucis

Friday 19th May

11.30am     Funeral of Joe Tinson RIP                         Cheltenham Crematorium

Sunday 21st May          Sunday after Ascension Day

8am            Holy Communion                                      Ampney St Peter

10am          Parish Communion                                   Ampney Crucis

2pm            Baptism of Romilly Gillibrand                  Poulton

Wednesday 24th - Wednesday 31st May

10am-6pm     'Knowing That All Was Now' - Art Exhibition                     Bibury Church

                         by Paul Hobbs

Sunday 28th May          PENTECOST

8am            Holy Communion                                      Harnhill

10am          Parish Communion                                    Poulton


Please do get in touch with the Rector - John Swanton - for more information.

01285 851309

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